Michael Mull Octet

Michael Mull Octet

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mahadev & MEZE This Week!

Two fun shows this week, both in the Santa Monica area.

This Thursday, December 15th, catch Mahadev at Bar Pico, a new venue for me. There will be two other acts, on being Amadou Fall, a master of the Senegalese instrument Kora. Rumor has it, he may even sit in with us! Check out the event on facebook, and listen to a rough cut below from our album in the works!

Eastern Promise by davecipriani

12/15/11 @ Bar Pico
2819 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica 90405
8pm --- Amadou Fall
9pm --- Mahadev
10pm --- Matatu

On Saturday, December 17th, Orkestar MEZE returns to Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier for a Balkan-Gypsy-Funk Holiday Party! We'll have some peasant surprises and tricks up our sleeves as always, along with new merch to go with the recently released "Peasant Funk" album - T-shirts for men and ladies, posters, stickers, and of course, CD's. Stock up and spread the funk this holiday season.

12/17/11 @ Rusty's Surf Ranch
256 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica 90401
$7 ($12 if under 21 without guardian)
view on facebook

Friday, December 9, 2011

Slumgum and Dan Rosenboom @ Royal T

It was in my calendar for over a month - last night was finally the night. No, not the season finale of Auction Hunters or the release of the iPhone 657. It was Slumgum and the Dan Rosenboom Group at Royal T in Culver City.

Slumgum is an incredible musical force right here under our SoCal noses. I find it difficult to explain this sort of a group in words, or rather, sentences. Here are some words that come to mind; mutuality, sincerity, honesty. This is one of the tightest groups I've ever heard, not in the traditional or immediate sense, but in the way they move from moment to moment so independently, yet so together. There is a joy of intensity in their performance, and as a musician myself, watching and listening, I can feel the deepest love and respect they have for the music and the present. They have one record out and another coming soon, and you should own it.

Following Slumgum was a large musical romp in the form of the Daniel Rosenboom Group. Expanded from his septet (which just released an album) to nine pieces, trumpeter and composer Dan Rosenboom led us into a set of new songs written on the road. Flavors of "In A Silent Way" Miles Davis, hard funk, Led Zeppelin, Spanish and Balkan music, and electronic texture all presented themselves throughout, in addition to those oh-so-difficult-to-name sounds that we composing types are always after. From rockin' and raucous to lean-forward subtle, Rosenboom's music is another testament to the freedom and far-reaching grasp of this creative music world.

Thanks Los Angeles. Looking in the window, it can look a little cold and barren, but there's a hot, hot fire burning in the furnace.