Michael Mull Octet

Michael Mull Octet

Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Long time no post...

It's been a busy but rewarding Spring, with music and travel mixing together flavorfully. I was able to visit Orlando, Toronto, and San Diego to do some playing and a good amount of exploring and sampling. Toronto is an amazing city and I hope to go back sometime for more!

Orkestar MEZE played for an absolutely packed house in April at Rusty's in Santa Monica. Everyone partied the night away, a bittersweet gig before taking a couple months off while bandleader Milen gets back to his roots in Bulgaria. The hiatus will yield more peasant funk and deeper grooves than ever, though, so stay tuned for the madness to come! We are getting distribution in Bulgaria, soon to be all of the Balkans, and truly going international. Visit www.peasantfunk.com to get your fix of the new album if you haven't already.

Maintaining a beneficial (hopefully mutually) relationship with CalArts, I had the opportunity to participate in some recitals by drummer Cameron Hicks (of Michael Mull Trio fame) and guitarist Brice Albert (Free Sample), and later join them at Capitol Records for the annual CalArts CD project. Tracks will be available for free in a month or two on the CalArts website.

The Summer is beginning to look good, with a premier performance of my octet (unnamed as of now) coming late June. I'll be playing a dance show at CalArts with Free Sample on the 7th of May and at the Fretted Frog with Mahadev on the 12th, more details to come. Take a listen/download the Mahadev album on bandcamp, it turned out grooving and sinuous!